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Here is a collection of the best web design sites and blogs. You will be able to post your content and drop your site's url. The main goal of any website owner is to climb the top of the search engines. However, you'll need to have lot's of people link to you in order to rank high in Google or any other major search engine. These are the top web design blogs with high rankings on Alexa and Google. One key point to remember is to always leave a guest post on relevant sites that match your niche.

By leaving a guest post on these sites you will accomplished:

  • Links from related sites
  • Links from related blogs
  • One-way links
  • Reciprocal links

Backlinks Tips:

  • Backlinks from different domains are better than linking from one site multiple times
  • When creating your content the sooner your backlinks appear in the article the better
  • Creating backlinks from high page rank pages are better that low page rank pages
  • When creating backlinks with anchor text are better than url link

Top Web Design Directory:

1. Digital Hysteria (Alexa Rank: 79,672) ( Google Rank: 6)

2. Smashing Magazine - (Alexa Rank: 629) (Google Rank: 7)

3. Cats Who Code (Alexa Rank:8,987) (Google Rank: 5)

4. Logo Design Blog (Alexa Rank: 215,780)(Google Rank: 4)

5. Men With Pens (Alexa Rank: 68,221) (Google Rank: 5)

6. Regular Geek (Alexa Rank: 265,358) (Google Rank: 4)

7. Tripwire Magazine (Alexa Rank: 2,377) (Google Rank:5)

8. Web And Designers (Alexa Rank: 46,964)(Google Rank: 5)

9. Skyje (Alexa Rank: 25,804)(Google Rank: 6)

10. Web Design News (Alexa Ranking: 68,309) (Google Rank: 4)

Creating a guest post in these sites will improve your website for Google Rankings.

Google Page Rank: (0-10) the page rank.

Alexa Ranking (0-10) Ranges were determined based on the Alexa Rank.

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