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Advertising on Facebook is a great platform in reaching over one billion active users. Using Facebook ads is a great source of advertisement since it allows you to market across the globe. The opportunity to approach a wide range of targeted demographics with the biggest social network is one of the best ways to advertise. In addition, you will be able to target the people you want, your audience, and your target group.

How is it possible for ads to be targeted to specific people or groups? When you first sign up for Facebook the registration process is to answer a series of questions. The form you end up filling out will ask you basic information about yourself for instance, gender, birthday, where you live, your interest, hobbies, schools you attended, and etc. Using the information provided by billion of users advertisers pay Facebook to place ads and drive traffic to their site or products their sponsoring.

Facebook makes majority of their revenue selling ads. It also allows all advertisers to target the right consumers and generate traffic and sales. When you start planning to advertise all the information Facebook gathers is vital resources for targeting the right consumers.

Cost Of Advertising?

The cost of advertising varies on the competition. If their are a lot of advertisers targeting the same demographics the higher the cost. The fewer the advertisers the cost becomes cheaper.

Their are two cost models when advertising on Facebook:

1. C.P.M.= Cost Per Thousand Of Impression (You only pay when someone clicks on the link)

2. C.P.C. = Cost Per Click (You only pay when 1,000 people have seen it)

How It Works?

The first step towards advertising on Facebook is to create a page. Make sure to add a relevant picture on the timeline of your company or product your promoting. In addition, you should use and brand your company logo in the profile picture. Always maintain recent activities on your page. When ever you post make sure to like your page and share with your friends.

The second step of advertising is to create different ads. It's necessary to create multiple ads in order to gain a wider audience. The advantage of creating different ads is to test out which ones have given you the best result. These ads will be very effective because they will be shown to your targeted audience.

In order to built a fan base you must generate great content. You must create high quality content that keeps bringing back your audience. When you seem an expert on your niche or product your promoting then people will keep coming back and share with their friends. In addition, make sure you post on a regular basis.

Using these tips will help you achieve the best results when it comes to Facebook ads.

Learn how to create a Facebook event and launch a product or site and generate revenue.

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