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Make money with Twitter following these 5 easy strategies. The fist step in earning money is setting up an account with Twitter. The process of setting up your account takes only a few minutes. In addition, you use a professional background for your account. You can obtain a free customized background at twit backs. Understanding how Twitter function will help you understand these strategies. I have enlisted 5 ways to make money with Twitter.

1. Market your business to your followers: Twitter gives anyone the ability to promote their business with a such a great wide market. You'll be able to attract a large audience, attract new followers, and be engaged with your existing followers. By simply sending a tweet to your followers you can promote your site and gain free traffic. Engaging with your followers is very important since they are your potential customers. A great way to get there attention is by offering a free ebook or something of that sort. A lot of times we just tweet but forget the other functions of tweeter. Make sure you take time to target the right people and then simply send them a tweet about your site, product, or services.

2. Affiliate Products: It's very important that your Twitter account has its own specific niche. Only choose one theme to talk about per Twitter account. This is very important since to many people mix themes one minute there talking about cars then houses. This will confused your followers eventually losing them and potential new followers.

Once you pick the theme of your choice I suggest you use, Twitter's Who To Follow Function it will help you find people who are interested in your same niche. The next tip is to start following them. For the most part people will follow you back. You will need to grow your list of followers by everyday following an average of 100 or more. By the end of the month you should have an approximate of 2,000 Twitter followers.

When you have a large number of followers from time to time your can go ahead and promote products to those followers. Becareful with sending non-related products to people that are not interested in your niche, as a result they can spam you and Twitter will disable your account.

3. Direct Message: Another way to make money with Twitter is using the function of direct message. You can use the search box on the right top corner of Twitter to identify people in your target market. For instance, you could type, "need to loose weight," and you'll come across hundreds of Tweets from people who type that message. The next step is responding to their message. For instance, I use this workout video and it help me loose 30 pounds. You can view the code at, place the affiliate link or site. The search box is a great way to find targeted customers. Learn the lingo of Twitter.

4. Sell Your Tweets: Another potential way to make money from Twitter is selling your Tweets to advertisers. If your account has over 10,000 Twitter followers you can earn money from your Tweets. You will get paid any where from $7 to $10 per tweet. The more Twitter accounts you have the greater the income generated.

I have enlisted sites that will pay you for tweets:

You can also sell your tweets using sourcing site like the following:

In addition, you can make money with Tweeter by retweeting other people's tweet.

5. Purchase Tweeter Traffic: Another useful strategy is to purchase your Tweeter traffic. You can use sourcing sites to acquire targeted followers for at little as $5.00 dollars. You can also find people through sourcing sites that have large amount of followers over 100,000 to tweet your link or site to there followers. Following these strategies can help you get mass of clicks or traffic to your site.

Using these easy 5 strategies will help you make money with Twitter.

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