Twitter Introduction

Twitter will help with showcasing your business and is a form of internet marketing. Using Twitter will give you a great platform for networking with over millions of people. Social networks like these allow you to share ideas, communicate, and socialize with over 100 million potential customers.

Utilizing Twitter will enable you to find targeted customers, share links to PR releases, and help you share stories and news about the type of business, service, or product your promoting. The key of getting followers is learning how to brand yourself and also proving top information on your product or service. Before tweeting you must keep your brand in mind and find a marketing strategy that will drive potential followers because of the great information you have provided.

Imagine sharing a single thought with millions of people. Building a group of followers is very important when it comes to marketing your brand. They are the ones that will talk about your product and help you reach other potential customer. Remember the old saying word of mouth, this is how your branding will get bigger and stronger. A valuable marketing tool for your business is using social networks.

How To Make Money By Tweeting?

Before you can make any money with tweeting you will need to plan your marketing strategy. I highly recommend creating a business plan before promoting any product and services. Creating a master plan will help your marketing be successful. In addition, it will help you create revenue and have loyal followers. You must first do the following things:

  • Sign up for an Account
  • Understand the basics
  • Decide what you will be tweeting about
  • Choosing the right target market
  • Creating a business plan (goals, messages to share, and tactics to produce results)
  • Build influence
  • Learning how to monetize
  • Understanding Links
  • Value of retweet
  • Tracking trends with Twitter-Counter and Qwitter
  • Directing traffic to your site
  • Understanding the terminology
  • Cut off workload
  • Software
  • Make $300 to$7500 A Month

Your profile is the most important part of Twitter. This will be the determining factor for a potential customer will look at before deciding if they want to follow you and continue reading your content. You will need to fit the most important aspect of your business in a 160 character bio and URL. In addition, do not skip adding a picture on your profile. Try to make the picture as interesting as possible to catch attention. Need help setting up your account? I have provided a step by step tutorial on how to set up your twitter account.

Understand the basics of tweeting will make things much easier when you link your site, brand yourself, retweet, follow, unfollow, and promote affiliate products. It's important to understand the terms and conditions in order to abide by the rules and not get your account suspended.

A great marketing strategy is to build your audience first by providing great content about your service or product. Once you acquire a group of followers then you can recommend an affiliate product or a service which in return will create revenue. Followers will get turn off if your constantly pitching sales all the time. Eventually you will not have a group of followers nor make any money.

When you tweet a message it allows for the user to create a message using only 140 character's. (This is including space between words) The challenging part is creating a great message with out going over 140 character's. You will need to be clever, witty, and make them want to read more of your content or click on the link. If the product of service your promoting has a long url you might want to consider using an URL shorteners. This will help with creating a nicer, cleaner feel and give you more room for your actual message.

In order to be successful you must provide great content that your followers can't get enough off and feel the need to share with others. After building your audience you will start generating revenue because you'll drive traffic to your site or blog where you can earn passive income. In addition, you can add affiliate links to your tweets in which customers will be sent to a landing page where they can purchase product or service. If the customer buys the product you will generate a commission.

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