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Marketing with Facebook is a great way for small business to grow through word of mouth. Facebook will allow you to target a large audience from all around the world. Facebook is the worlds largest social network having over 900 million active users. These 900 million people are constantly liking, sharing, posting, and commenting. This social network is a tool that let's you create an an opportunity where you can meet new people, connect to organizations, market your business, and earn money.

The first step when marketing with Facebook is setting up your fan page. When creating your page you will be asked to choose from a category that describes your business and you will be ask to fill out briefly details of your business. You will be able to set up a profile picture, details of your business, and manage who can view your page. One of the biggest mistake you can make is not filling out the form completely. Filling out the brand page is very important and will rate the success of your page. In addition, make sure to always comply by Facebook guidelines and rules.

After you have setup your Facebook page then you will need to invite your friends. You will be able to suggest your page to friends who might like it. Once your page have gain 25 fans you will be able to add your url page.

The next step is to customize your page. There are a lot of applications to use for customizing your Facebook page. You can choose from hundred's of apps provided by Facebook. These applications will help you offer coupons, create polls, customize your picture, post notices, distribute content with thousands of friends and share your Youtube videos.

Once you have created your Facebook page, invited all your friends, customized your page, then its time to engage your fans. You'll need to provide a stream of great content that will engage and attract new fans. Make sure to post on a regular basis at the same time don't over do it. Sometimes less is more. If your not sure how many posting you should do the standard is one or two post a week. Once you get the hang of it you should try to post once per day.

In addition, you should focus on your insights. Facebook provides you a useful metric tools which calculates how many post you have enter, the number of people that are talking about your page, how many people your page has reach, and your total of likes. This will help you manage your page and figure out if you need to make any changes. Understanding the analytics will help you when it comes to targeting potential customers. In addition, make sure to look out for any malicious activities. Following these tips will help you on the journey of marketing with Facebook and prepare you to make money with this powerful social site.

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