Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Affiliate marketing glossary is a list of the most common terms used among affiliates. Learning each keyword will help you have a better understanding of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Glossary Terms:

1. Advertiser: An advertiser is usually known as the merchant. The merchant markets it's product and services through a site, web, or with the help of an affiliate program.

2. Affiliate: An affiliate is often called, the publisher. The affiliate assist the advertiser in marketing their product. As a result of each sale generated the affiliate will earn a commission.

3. Management Solution and Tracking: Advertisers have a system in which they keep track of the affiliates and sales that are generated. The management is usually done through the affiliate network or through any customer software.

4. Offer: The offer is the product or service the merchant is promoting. The advertiser will provide the affiliate all the necessary tools to achieve a sale. The advertiser will provide the affiliate the details of the product:

  • Click, Sale, Or Lead
  • Terms of commission
  • Tracking tools

5. Creative: The term creative is refer to the tool management the advertiser provides an affiliate to promote the product or service:

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Links
  • Text Ads
  • Email Template

6. Click: Click is refer to when a potential clicks on a creative. (Creative is usually the banner, text link, text ads, and etc)

7. Impression: Page views are ofter called, impressions. When a page is view and it contains the advertiser's creative tracking code is referred as an impression.

8. Link: If a text or image contains an url this is refer as a link. A link will always start with http. The link is usually integrated by the affiliate in their site or blog. When a potential buyer clicks on the link it leads the visitor to the advertiser's landing page. The landing page provides the product or service. It's very important the advertiser has a great landing page to improve their conversion rate. Each link contains a tracking code to differentiate between affiliates promoting the same product or service.

9. Conversion: The landing page is where the potential buyers end up when they press a link. The advertiser must have a great landing page to ensure high conversions rate.

10. Affiliate Agreement: The affiliate and merchant work on an affiliate agreement where the terms are discussed for the commission earned on each generated sale.

11. Affiliate Information Page: The affiliate information page explain the terms and conditions for any affiliate program you might be interested to join. It normally includes:

  • Commission rates,
  • Affiliate agreement
  • Link to sign up

12. Affiliate Program Directory: Is a list of affiliate programs that you join. To view a list of affiliate directory, click here.

13. C.P.A. (Cost Per Action): It's usually refer to a conversion such a sale or lead.

14. C.P.M. (Cost Per Impression-Model): The cost of 1000 people reached, even if the ad is not clicked.

15. C.P.C. (Cost Per Click): The cost of an individual click based on the pay for per click basis.

16. C.P.O. (Cost Per Order): Is often refer to the amount of money spend on advertising or marketing and generate a sale.

17. Pay Per Lead: Affiliate's receive a reward for any leads that convert a sale.

18. Pay Per Click: Every unique click is consider pay per click. The unique visitor is measure by the unique ip address of the visitors.

19. Customer Bounty: For every new customer that is directed to a merchant, the affiliate partner will pay you.

20. Email Link: As an affiliate you can also promote your products through an email.

21. HTML Code (Hyper Text Markup Language): The HTML Code is what the affiliate places in their site in order to promote the product or service. The HTML Code has a tracking code to track the sale for the affiliate.

These are some helpful affiliate marketing glossary terms for beginners in affiliate marketing.

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