Google Authorship

Google Authorship:

If you are a blogger or website owner, you should take advantage of Google Authorship to increase your site’s credibility and build your brand. This is one of the recent programs or web functionalities Google has released which is gaining worldwide acceptance and popularity.

What is Authorship Google and how does it work

If you would try to make a Google search on any topic, some of the results generated can have a small thumbnail picture of a person aside from that specific page’s title and short description. That picture of the man or woman you see is the author of that post or article. This can already provide a hint on what Google’s Authorship program is all about.

The Authorship links a website post or article to the profile of a particular individual who is attributed to be the author of that post. As a result, search engine results can have additional attributes such as the photograph, profile link, and links to the other articles written by that individual. These additional attributes are drawn from the Google Plus account of the person, therefore, it is a must for a blogger or website owner to have a Google Plus account before he or she gets to enjoy the benefits of the Authorship program.

Benefits of Authorship for you and your website

The benefits of the Authorship program extend not only on your website but to you, the author as well. Among these benefits and advantages include:

  • It helps your website rank. The primary benefit that every blogger or website owner can receive from using the Authorship program is the increased chances for their websites or pages to rank. This benefit can manifest in both direct and indirect ways. With Google, quality and unique content is the number one factor in ranking. If your Google profile has consistently produced quality articles, then these pages or websites will eventually rank better. On the other hand, there’s nothing better than a very valuable profile backlink you can get from Google Plus itself. Experts also note that Google simply provides more value to content that is linked to Google Authorship.
  • It can generate traffic. Aside from the resulting traffic caused by the increased ranking, your website can also gain additional hits on the search engines. That is because when your page is presented on the search results, the added thumbnail image just draws attention. Not to mention the more professional or credible look that it can convey.
  • Building credibility online. A subsequent price of using Google Authorship is the eventual buildup of your online name, brand, or credibility. This is certainly true especially if you have been consistent at writing and producing unique, quality, and useful content. You can have the opportunity to gain internet fame.
  • Protecting your content against plagiarism. Copying or plagiarism is prevalent in both the online and offline world. This made Authorship essential for every bloggers, writers, or website owners. That added author profile strengthens or solidifies your sole ownership of the post or article especially in the eyes of Google. This can be helpful when pursuing legal or any other action against plagiarizers or copycats.

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