What Is YouTube?

What is YouTube? YouTube is an online site where you can share and published videos. In order to be able to publish a video you'll need first to registered. As a registered user you will be able to upload videos and share with anyone in the world.

These videos that are uploaded can include movie clips, music videos, TV clips, blogging on videos, marketing products, and much more. Majority of the content downloaded is by individuals. In addition, media corporations also upload their own videos. These media corporations include CNN, CBS, MTV, and so many more.

Who Founded YouTube?

Who are the founders of YouTube? It was founded by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley. They were all employees of Paypal prior to developing YouTube. They came up with the idea of YouTube over dinner after having a hard time sharing their videos.

The domain was registered on February 14, 2005. The site was available for the public on May 2005. It has grown through out the years to be a very powerful social media site with numbers to proof it. The site has eight hundred million unique users a month.

Statistics Of YouTube:

The statistics of YouTube include the following:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube a month (These are different users)
  • Approximately more than 4 billion hours of videos are watched per month
  • At least 72 hours of videos are downloaded to Youtube each minute
  • Majority of the traffic at least 70% comes from outside of the United States
  • Millions of subscriptions per month
  • YouTube is localized in 43 countries
  • Over 60 languages
  • Youtube broke a record in 2011, had more than 1 trillion views
  • Millions of subscribers per month

YouTube Partner Program:

The YouTube partner program was created in 2007. This program allows creators to build a larger audience, improve their videos, and earn money through the program. In order to qualify you must:

  • The program is running on your country
  • Must upload quality and original content
  • Must be an active Google Adsense member
  • Must follow with terms and services
  • Must follow with community guidelines
  • Meet criteria to become a partner

Any eligible videos you'll be able to earn money from ads running on your videos when people click on them.

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