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Youtube Advertising YouTube is big, in fact most people have no idea that YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine. Bigger than Yahoo. Some of this may be due to the fact that Google owns YouTube and therefore puts YouTube videos high in the search listings of it’s own search engine. Nobody knows if Google counts this as a YouTube search, they seem to play things close to their chest on many subjects. So we can see the benefits of YouTube advertising right away.

We do know that YouTube is big. So big that now there are thousands of people earning a living on YouTube. By uploading videos and signing up for Google Adsense (an advertising platform) there are many people earning a few cents per view of their videos. But times that by 20 million views and you get the idea. Not only is it a way to earn a living, it is also a way to market a product or service.YouTube marketing is becoming a big business.

So how can you use the power of YouTube to put money in your business bank account? Well all business is based on exposure, exposure is marketing and marketing is the core of any business. You might be the best plumber in Lebanon but if nobody knows your name and phone number you may as well be sitting at home watching TV. And if you haven't got any customers that's most likely what you are doing right? Some people will spout nonsense like “we can make you a viral video” and try to sell you expensive “media exposure advertising packages”. No media company worth a bean will do this, as they all know that a viral video will do nothing for a local business, and more to the point; it is a hit and miss affair.

Nobody knows why videos go viral, that's why they are viral. But a strong YouTube marketing campaign is a different thing all together. So again, how can you use YouTube to market your business? My opinion is always the same. Quality over quantity. If you are the best plumber in Lebanon then say so. Make a weekly video of hints and tips on plumbing. Some people are of the mind that sharing your “trade secrets” is a bad thing and ultimately has a negative effect on your business. I do not agree, hardly anyone steals the teachers thunder. In class and in business. You are better to share everything you know about a niche or subject and prove your worth, than keeping things close to your chest and proving nothing more than you can keep a secret. And most probably a secret that is more well know than you think. Make a video tutorial about your business. Show people what you do, how you do it and why.

CASE STUDY: Gary Vaynerchuck the C.E.O of Wine Library. Already a decent sized business turning over $2 million per year. He sent a Saturday kid from the warehouse of his families wine retailer in New Jersey, to a local electrical store to buy a cheap camcorder. Plonked a few bottles of wine down on a table in his office, pressed record and talked about wine for 60 minutes. He did this every week for 18 months and now WineLibraryTV is the most watched wine show in the world. And his retail business turns over $60 million per annum.

Think about your business, what could you talk about? And how could that drive customers to you? Your YouTube advertising campaign can be as simple as talking to a camera 5 nights per week. If the content is good, the viewers will flood.

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