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Twitter applications and websites are helpful for managing your Twitter accounts. These Twitter tools are created to maximize your experience with Twitter and make it easier. If you are a Twitter marketer I highly recommend the use of these tools.

Twitter applications provide the following support:

  • Track Statistics
  • Manage Several Accounts
  • Tweets Schedule
  • Popular Topics Directory
  • Autopilot Tweets
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Appoinments/Reminders
  • Notify Subscribers About Upcoming Tweet's
  • Tweet Pre-Written Announcement

In addition, these Twitter applications will help you manage your growing list of followers and unfollow automatically those that don't follow. Using softwares like Tweet Adder can grow your Twitter list as little in 30 days to 100,000 followers.

These are my top Twitter applications and site that I recommend:

  1. Twitter Counter: It gives lets you see your Twitter Stats in a graph. Allows you to compare your number, followers, friends, and tweets of your own Twitter accounts. You'll be able to add multiple accounts (up to 100), export your stats, and give you access to replies and retweets.
  2. Tweet Adder: Helps you grow your list of followers in autopilot.
  • Increase Your Followers
  • Display Schedule of Twitter task
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Boost Conversions
  • Targeted Groups

3. Social Oomph: It will vastly improve your productivity on Twitter. Allows to manage multiple sites.

4. Sponsored Tweets: Advertising platform that connects advertisers platform that connects advertisers with Tweeters. It provides detail analytics and targeted topics.

5. Twellow: It's a search directory to help you find other professionals by targeted profession.

6. Tweet Burner: Lets you keep track of the links you share and lets you shorten url.

7. Tweet Beep: Send you an alert when someone clicks your product, mention your product, or click on your site. Keep track of conversations and when people mention you.

8. Twitter Local: Let's you see Tweets from any location.

9. TwitrBackgrounds: Free and custom Twitter Backgrounds.

10. Twtcard: Let's you create a greeting card that you can share with other. You can personalize your own message.

11. Celebrity Tweet: It holds a collection of Tweets from all celebrities.

12. Coupon Tweet: You'll be able to find all sort of web deals, discounts, and coupons.

13. Twitdom: It's a directory of Twitter application with 2,000 plus apps.

14. Tweet Beep: It sends you an alerts when ever your key is mentioned or your site is link. You can arrange to receive an email every time your keyword is mentioned.

15. Twitaholic: Let's you track the most popular users on a particular social networks.

16. Tweet Deck: It's your personal browser that connects you to trends, news, celebrities, and what's happening now.

17. Twistori: Let's you organize and search in real times all tweets with your choice of words from hate, love, believe, wish, feel, hate and think from all your community.

These Twitter applications are perfect for helping you organize, manage your tweets, built your Twitter followers, and keep up with the trends.

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