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Welcome to creating a blog tutorial. After lots of trial and failures I came up with the idea of helping others to create effective blogs. When I first started creating blogs know one told me that great content, backlinks, and traffic where the main keys for a successful blog. For instance, I would Google how to create a blog? And I would find all sort of websites and blogs promising that I could create a great site, with no knowledge, no money, no research, no time consuming, and can achieve my dream blog within 24 hours.

These sites provided free guides to help me start my new website or blog. The free guides for building my new blog were helpful I thought at the moment. They explain how to create a domain, were to go for a free blog or website, and within 24 hours I would complete my site. With out planning any site concept or deciding my niche. I followed the steps first registered my domain name, sign up for a free blog, and created my first blog within a couple of hours.

Starting a blog was very exciting for me. I started blogging everyday and just about anything that came in my head. After months of blogging I had no traffic. I start to feel like a failure and gave up on my blog. Have you gone through the same concept? Well, you have come to the right place to learn how to create a blog the effective way!

Everyone now in days can create a blog but few have high authority ranking pages and earning lots of money. If you follow these steps, you'll be ahead of everyone else. You'll learn everything you need to know about creating good content, building traffic, SEO tips, monetizing your site, branding yourself, backlinks, understanding keywords, using google adsense, google adwords, and more.

Let's begin, the fist step to a great blog is finding your site concept. These site concept contains information based on upon a main subject.

1. Make a list of things you love to do or know about

2. Create profitable topics within the niche

3. Make a blueprint of your site concept

Remember, when creating a blog is made for the full purpose of sharing your thoughts and opinions about a topic your passionate and knowledgeable. You want to choose a theme that your passionate and would not get bored writing content.

Key points When Choosing Site Concept:

These are general key points to keep in mind when choosing your site concept:

1. Site Content is king: For you site content to be great it must be in demand. You must research how many people are searching for the information or product of your theme. How often are people searching for it? They are many tools I will be discussing later that will help you research your theme.

2. Theme: When creating a blog your theme concept should not be too broad of a choice. If it has high supply it will be difficult to win over the competition. In which return will be hard for you to reach high rankings in search engine. It will not be worth your time. If you don't want to give up your theme try to find a sub-niche of the site concept to see if you find an ideal theme. Example, if your theme is about cars you know the theme is too broad. How about if you find a sub-niche of how to complete your own oil change or how to fix your car. These might be easier niches to win over and rank high in search engines.

3. Passionate: Make sure your passionate about the theme you choose. It must excite and you will never feel like its work. You'll find joy in creating great content.

4. Return On Investment: is the reason why your creating this blog. You must find a niche not only you love but offer great monetization for your traffic. I will explain later in details way to monetize your website or blog.

5. Time: Be sure to pick a theme based on your available time to work on your site. Do not pick high demand niches if your availability time is 2 hours per day. Creating a blog is very time consuming. Pick your theme based on the time you will be able to provide in return.

Using Content And Keywords:

When creating a blog you will need to have high potential keywords. Once you determine the site concept you will like to write about you'll need to do a bit of preliminary research. By using Google Key Word Tool or Word Tracker. These two site will help you do research on your related site concept. When searching your site concept you want to look for keywords that have at least 10,000 searches a month. This will be categorized as Demand. The demand of the keyword should be greater than 10,000. Secondly, the Supply (Your competition) should be fewer than 100,000. By following these criteria you will find a great niche. The site concept is the most important part of creating your blog. Taking the necessary time to do research and analyzing all the potential keywords are very relevant to a successful blog.

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