Tips To Building Authority Page:

These are strategies and tips to building authority page. What is page authority? It's the measurement of a single page and how it ranks on Google or any other search engines. The page authority is rank by a 100 point logarithmic scale. The higher your page ranks the greater potential of been well rank with the search engines. This is the key point of building a successful online site that will endure years to come.

How To Improve Your Authority:

There are many factors that play when trying to calculate your page authority score. I have enlisted a list of different tips to building authority page. Remember, in order to rank well in Google or any major search engine your site has to be an authority. Building authority is the most important thing you can do for your site and it will reap the benefits of ever lasting success online.

1. Gaining trust from your visitors is the key of gaining authority:

  • Your main focus should be building a site with great content. Over delivering good content will give reassurance to your visitors that your the top source for your niche.
  • In order for any site to become an authority it will need to gain trust from the visitors.
  • Your main priority is to create great content where your visitor's can't find elsewhere. Bring your readers great educational content that make them want to come back for more.
  • Have you heard the saying, "Word of Mouth." When your audience start gaining trust from your site, they will share your content with others. The authority of your page will be recognize by your visitors and search engines.
  • Focus on delivering content on a regular basis.
  • Building a site with strong content and lots of pages will help not only build authority pages but other sites wanting to link to you.
  • Creating backlinks (submitting links and articles)

2. Put in the work:

  • Creating an authority page does take a lot of work.
  • The main mistake you can make is focusing on monetizing your site before creating great content and building authority pages.
  • In order to dominate your niche you must focus on creating strong content and back links to high authority pages relevant to your niche.
  • When you create a site full of great pages, the sales will come naturally from creating authority.
  • Once you create loyal readers then you can drop links and reviews of different products to buy.
  • Don't pitch a sale.
  • Remember, know one likes to be sold too.

3. Marketing Strategies:

  • The best marketing strategy is creating a site that visitors can't get enough of and keep coming back.
  • Your visitors should feel as if they discovered your site full of rich content. Your visitors will want to subscribe to your page, share with their friends, and buy your product.
  • Over deliver great content and you will reap what you sow with lots of new readers, authority pages, and great sales.

4. Great Site With Out Spending Money:

  • Another common mistake is spending a fortune trying to improve your site authority.
  • Focusing on website authority will ensure your online success with out the need of spending money.
  • The larger your audience becomes the more credibility and respect your site will gain.

5. Additional tips to building authority page

1. Create a Youtube Channel

  • Create a weekly video
  • Embed the video to your site
  • Sites that use videos gain faster authority
  • Your site will gain paige rank quickly from your videos

2. Content published to your site:

  • Create more than 100 post on your site
  • Update 4-6 quality post per week
  • 500-1000 words each
  • 3 links per page (going back to your page)
  • Great content
  • Great title
  • Comment on at least 4 blogs a day
  • Guest posting on 1 blog a day
  • Create backlinks

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