Make Money With Facebook

Make Money With Facebook:

Because of the ingenuity of certain individuals, it is now possible to make money with Facebook. And it’s not only with Facebook, but on all other social networking sites as well.

There are no secrets with such income opportunities. Online marketers just noticed that huge traffic and potential market with Facebook’s half of a billion users.

So, what are these income opportunities available on Facebook? The following are some of the popular examples.

- Selling physical products or services on Facebook. The easiest and most direct way to earn from Facebook is to offer the products or services you sell to your friends on Facebook. This is not a new concept, and has been widely used by a large number of both individual and business users in Facebook. Among the benefits of selling goods and services on Facebook include; the ability to promote your product to a large number of local and international consumers or target market, it’s a good venue to start-up a business especially if you don’t have a physical store yet, and that it is totally free to use. Another good thing about Facebook is that your product or service can be shared and liked by as many users as possible.

- Promoting your affiliate links. Instead of selling your own product or service, you can make money with Facebook by promoting your affiliate links. For those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it has the same concept with commission-based selling. You just need to promote a product or service owned by a third party company and you get a commission out of every successful sale. But compared to commissioning, affiliate marketing is much simpler and easier. Just as long as the sale originated from a click on your link, that’s already considered as your successful referral. So a simple posting of your affiliate link on Facebook can already generate income.

- By creating Facebook applications. Apps or applications are not only used and sold for iPhones and iPads, they are also good opportunities for you to make money with Facebook. Aside from social networking itself, Facebook is popular for its several applications and games. If you have developed a good, unique, and interesting app or game, you can either sell the rights to Facebook, or perhaps, become one of Facebook’s app partners. If you’re lucky enough, you can strike a one-time hit of fortune.

- Selling Facebook links or likes. You might have heard about internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO). One of the goals of the SEO experts or internet marketers is website promotion. And one of the highly valued forms of promotion is that simple social networking link, sharing, or like. If you have thousands of friends or fans on your Facebook page, you can eventually sell the Facebook links or likes, for a couple of dollars. Although it’s just a few cents or dollars per link, you can increase the money you can make with Facebook by offering the service to several website owners or internet marketers.

- Offering survey services. Since Facebook gives you the opportunity to target a specific market or segment, it can be the best venue to do a market research. Hence, you can also make money with Facebook by accepting contracts to perform research or surveys in behalf of any individual, company, or organization.

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