How To Get Backlinks:

How to get backlinks is less complicated than what it sounds. First off all, let me explain what are backlinks. A backlink is clickable text you can follow to another website. In order to get rank one on Google you must create relevant backlinks.

How does Google work? For a specific search query Google will use over 200 different indicators in it's algorithm. This will identify how revenant your website maybe for the search. The indicators will be searching for:

  • How fresh your content is
  • Backlinks to your website
  • How long your website has been up
  • The name and relevancy of your URL
  • Content on your site
  • How often is updated

When building backlinks keep in mind theses 2 main criteria:

1. Anchor Texting

2. Authority And Relevance Of Site

Anchor text will tell Google what your link is about than just placing the regular link. For example, if your selling a book the title of the book should be the anchor text. The common mistake is placing the anchor text with, click here.

How to get backlinks recommended tools:

  • Mass Article Submitter, You will get hundreds of articles within minutes.
  • For getting backlinks use Build My Rank
  • Post Videos on Youtube with backlinks to your site.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to post backlinks and article on multiple websites at Freelancer.
  • Press releases are good for getting backlinks check out – Share Your News with Journalists, Consumers, & Bloggers
  • Only Wire lets you auto-submit your online content to the top social media sites.

Building a competitive niche will take a lot of time and money to rank high. On the other hand, knowledge is power the more you read and understand how search engines work the more money you can make. The opportunities will be endless once you understand and crack their code.

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