Facebook Virus

Do you think you have a Facebook virus? Has your account been hacked? Have you discover recent postings on your wall or new's feed that you never posted? Are you log out of your Facebook page? Do you have postings that you never placed in your account of offensive language, pornography, or phishing for information from your friends? Are your friends asking you why you have been barraging them with links? If you have experience any of the above most likely your account has been hacked.

You might ask yourself how did I get a virus or hacked? There are numerous ways that you can be a target victim. The first common way is by opening links that are a placed on your wall. If your not a hundred percent sure who is the sender do not open the link. Malicious virus are usually disguised by links, emails, photos, and applications. Therefore before opening any emails, photos or applications make sure to review them to see if they are safe to open. Following these tips will ensure a safer place while browsing and interacting with Facebook.

The first step thing you must do if you have a Facebook virus or have been hacked is to report it to security. Then you should change your password right away if you find yourself been locked out of your account or hacked. This will help since the person will no longer have access to your account and harass any of your friends. I have enlisted the steps on how to change your Facebook account password:

1. Make sure your log in to your account

2. Click the right arrow tab

3. Click on account settings

4. Click on edit password

5. Make sure to have old password since it will ask for it

6. Proceed with changing your password and resetting a new one

One word of advise once you have registered your new password send out an apology message to all your friends. Let them know someone had hacked your account but you have taken care of it. This way you don't loose any friends or potential customers if this is a business page.

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