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Getting more Facebook fans is easier once you understand all the great features provided by this powerful social network. I have enlisted a list of different ways to promote your page and increase your fan base value.

The biggest mistake a lot of small business do is not understanding how to market their page. They expect for fans to start appearing and months later they have not grown their fan base. Following these tips will help you grow your fan page. In addition, it will help you market your business to a larger audience than your friends.

Facebook Fans Tips:

1. Profile Link: Make sure to add a link on your personal profile bio. In this section you can add your Facebook fan page link. In order for the url to be activate make sure too add the http://.

2. Contact Your Email Address: This will work for anyone that does have an opt-in email list. If you do have a list of emails or subscribers make sure you send them a newsletter asking them to like your Facebook fan page via email. You want to add a great catch like, "join our community."

3. Purchase Your Fans: You can also purchase your Facebook fans. This will help to built credibility when other potential customer see your page. It will give you the benefit that your an expert in your area.

3. Facebook Widget: Select from any of the social plugins provided by Facebook. These plugin include like button, send button, subscribe button, comments, activity feed, like box, and many more. These apps are helpful because they will have your fans interacting and engage.

4. Facebook Apps: These apps will help you target a larger audience.

  • RSS Feed: It will help you display any of your site/blog post directly to your page.
  • Twitter: You'll be able to feed all your Tweets directly in your page.
  • Youtube: Any time you upload a video to your Youtube channel it will directly upload to your page. You'll need to provide your Youtube username and channel name.
  • Flickr: When you update your Flickr photos they will appear in your fan page.
  • PDF: Upload your documents and ebook directly to your fan page.
  • Presentation: If you need to share an important powerpoint with this app you will be able to port out the file directly to your fan page.
  • Coupons: If you need to promote any offers you can use this app.
  • E-cart: The app will help you display your online shopping cart products.
  • Feedback: This is one of my favorite apps since it manages my fans feedback.
  • F.A.Q. You will be able to sep up a list of frequently ask questions to share with your fans.
  • Google Maps: This app is great if you need to display the address of your business for potential customers to find your location, hours, and any promotional events.

5. Share Button: This app is great for sharing with your fan any recently changes or incentives.

6. URL Link & Logo: A great way of branding your business is by attaching your fan page url on business cards, newsletters, magazine ads, products, letter head, and brochures.

7. Twitter: Linking your Twitter account to Facebook is a great way to post all your updates directly to fan page.

8. Email Signature: Add your fan page url link to every email you send.

9. Create An Attractive Welcome Page Video: By creating a great welcome page it will give your potential customers a better idea of your company, explain what your fan page is all about, and why they should be a fan.

10. Contest: Another way of increasing your fan page is running contest. You can request your Facebook users to become a fan in order to participate in any giveaway or contest.

11. Tag Photos: If you run a business where you host live events make sure to take tons of pictures. Once you load your pictures to your fan page engage your fans to tag their pictures. A great way to increase fan base is by engaging them to your site.

12. Embed Videos On Your Site: Another great way to increase your fan base is by embed videos on your page. People are visual so uploading videos on your site will be a great advantage.

Following these tips will help you engage more Facebook fans and target a larger audience.

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