Sponsored Tweets Guide And Tips:

Are you new to sponsored tweets? Have you been waiting for an advertiser to order some paid tweets? If you sign up for the service and still have not made any money follow these tips to attract some advertisers. Once you have mastered all these tips your potential income is any where from $300 to $7500.

1. Twitter Account: Your twitter account must be at least 120 days old prior to applying for Sponsored Tweets. An advertiser will not order a paid tweet from an account that is new on Twitter. In addition, if your account is fairly new but have a large amount of followers it will look suspicious and the advertiser will not send you any paid tweets on your way.

Advertisers are very particular on whom they place an ad order to avoid spammers and inactive accounts. Bottom line before applying to Sponsored Tweets make sure your account is in good standing, have been active more than 120 days, includes a profile picture, and looks great.

2. Twitter Profile: Understanding Twitter is the basic platform for branding your business and being successful. A great marketing strategy is to build your audience first by providing your profile information. People want to know who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you? Are you giving them any information they will be interested in reading or learning more. Is very important that you fill out your entire bio completely.

An advertiser before sending you any paid tweets will look at your Twitter profile. They are also interested in know who, they will be doing business with. First impressions are everything. Make sure have your bio fill out, have a profile picture attached, and also a custom background. If you don’t have these fill out and done properly the advertisers will not send you any orders your way.

3. One Niche: Try to focus on following or gaining followers for your specific niche. Concentrating on one niche at a time will give you a better chance of getting a paid advertisers attention. In addition, you will want your followers to interact with each other and also have a great relationship with you. If you have a massive list of followers but they are all from different niches you might want to reconsider creating a new Twitter account.

4. Maintain A Good Followers to Friend Ratio: Is very important to understand the followers to friend’s ratio since it can affect you when advertisers look at your account. Maintaining a good friend ratio is crucial since advertisers will be looking at your ratio. For instance, if your account has a ratio of 1, it can seem suspicious since the advertiser might think your user some type of tool or software to increase your follower counts.

5. Real Influence: Understanding how Twitter works and building real influence will be a critical step to take to gain advertisers. What is real influence? Do you have an influence in the community of Twitter? Are people following you because they want to and not because you are following them back.

Are people intrigued by your Tweets, want to learn more about you, and click on your links? Well advertisers understand the lingo of marketing. They will be looking to see if you have real influence or do you spend countless hours un-following people and following others. If you build real influence you will not have any problem recruiting any paid tweets actually you might have too many offers.

6. Sign Up For A Klout Account: Klout is a free service that measures your influence on your social sites and networks. It specifically measures the influence you have on your followers and friends. I have broken down the 5 ways it gives you a score when utilizing Twitter.

  • · Retweets: Increases your influence by exposing your content to their network.
  • · Mentions: Having people mention you is a great strong signal of you being an influence among your followers.
  • · List Membership: Being included on a specific list gives you a lot of influence.
  • · Followers: When followers follow back it’s because they are interested in you.
  • · Replies: Your consistently engaging with your followers.

If you’re having a hard time understand the different twitter terminology, I have enlisted an understanding guide for Twitter.

Following these tips will help you make the most of Sponsored Tweets.

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