Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Newbies

You’re thinking that maybe affiliate marketing is a great way to increase traffic and sales for your website. Maybe it’s time try it out, but since affiliating marketing new to you, you’re not very clear about how it’s done.

Sure, you’ve read tons of articles defining the term “affiliate marketing” (not to mention ones offering affiliate marketing tips) but these are so full of jargon, you’re left scratching your head as to what affiliate marketing means in the first place.

You do affiliating marketing by asking another site (or other sites) to promote your products, for example by displaying your buttons, blogging about your products, and/or linking back to you. You pay that site a percentage of your sales depending on their performance (i.e. the number of referrals they made).

We’d like to say that affiliate marketing is quite easy, but it’s harder than we made it sound. Before you dip your toes, take note that affiliate marketing requires your personal attention. You can’t just let it be. You’ve got to write your promo material, tinker with the coding for your links, and work with your affiliates.

To help you survive and succeed in affiliate marketing, we’ve compiled a list of affiliate marketing tips.

1. Be tasteful. Design is a major part of affiliate marketing. You can’t just put banner after banner and design the loudest buttons, and then expect the customers to come rolling in. Tacky advertisements are a big turnoff. Your advertising must be unique and memorable, but remember that the best things some in moderation.

2. Find affiliate websites that have a good writer or writing team. You’re paying these people to give you lip service; they might as well do a brilliant job of it. Find credible websites with great content and customer-attracting capabilities.

3. Screen your affiliates carefully. There are several sites out there that are out to scam the uninitiated by accepting your money and then redirecting traffic to other sites. Be wary of sites that advertise ask very low commissions. Some of them may be legit, but there are also several that might be out to scam you. If possible, choose affiliates you know and trust.

4. Beware of parasiteware, scumware, and other programs or sites masquerading as helpful visitor boosters. These parasites block traffic and/or intercept your visitors.

5. Choose only your highest earning and/or bestselling products (if any; if not, you can just choose based on moneymaking potential) for affiliate marketing. Remember that you’re paying a percentage of your sales to not one but multiple sites. The more you earn, the greater the guarantee that you’ll be able to pay your affiliates their (well-deserved) commission. Thus, greater trust will be forged between you and your affiliates, which leads to better promotions and greater customer confidence.

We hope we’ve helped you with these few affiliate marketing. Just keep these affiliate marketing tips in mind and you’re guaranteed to have the customers flocking to buy what you’re selling. Just be careful who to trust, thoroughly think out your marketing strategy, and be sure to build rapport with your affiliates. I have compose a list of affiliate glossary terms. Good luck!

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