YouTube Adsense

YouTube Adsense:

In 2005 YouTube was born a way for the average Joe like me or you to upload video to the internet and share it without the need for and MBA from M.I.T. In 2007 something odd happened, Google payed 1.6 billion dollars for the website. Google are a shrewd lot, so why did they pay so much for so little, essentially a little website that shares video.

Well in the few months YouTube was around before it was bought out, it gained phenomenal growth. And as it grew, so did it’s audience, which means one thing advertising revenue. Something Google does very well. In 2008 Google announced something called the Partnership Program, basically anyone who has “original” content (i.e. not copied from a movie or TV show) can earn a little money by Google placing adverts inside or next to their videos.

By signing up to YouTube Adsense, film makers were allowed to take a small cut of profit. At first very few people considered it, but then soon, it became a phenomenon as people all over the globe started earning a living from making videos on YouTube. So how do you make money with YouTube?

Here are 5 ways that people have made money with Adsense on YouTube in the past.

1: Fail Fail blog and it's peers are very popular. If you have, or know where you can get hundreds of videos of fat people falling off motorbikes, or kids slipping on ice; then you can make money on YouTube through Adsense.

2: Got Milk? No doubt about it, boobs do well on YouTube. Even regular vloggers who decide one day to wear a low cut top, have seen their traffic rocket and hundreds of request for them to vlog in their bikini. While some people scoff at this, it works.

3: Game Over It is illegal to use game footage on YouTube, however you can sign up to Maker Studios, Social Blade or Machinima and get a special agreement through them. This allows you to upload game footage under the umbrellla of the partner you are signed with, and potentially make more money since the ads are better targeted than the Adsense ones.

4: How To If you have a knack of showing people how to do simple stuff, then how to videos pull views. You can make serious YouTube money by just showing people how to make an emergency torch out of a toilet roll and a lightbulb (OK maybe not but you get the idea).

5: Sing It Original music does well on YouTube, ask Justin Beiber, you can add serious money to your YouTube Adsense account by writing and performing songs. And if they are funny songs even better. Take a look at The Gregory Brothers and their auto tune remixes. So funny.

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