Youtube Hits

Gaining YouTube hits and becoming popular online is perhaps one of the main goals when uploading a video on this popular social media site. When it comes to YouTube, the more hits your videos acquire, the more popular you or your brand will become.

Since it is one of the largest websites on earth, Youtube is used by majority of individuals and businesses to promote themselves, their websites, brands, and products. The number of hits or views will eventually mean success, fame, or perhaps, revenue, and sales.

How to acquire or gain hits:

Unknown to most YouTube users, there are several ways of increasing the number of hits an uploaded video can get. These techniques include the following:

- Ensure a unique theme or topic for the video. If you are observant enough, the videos that can acquire overnight success are those unique, funny, interesting, and sometimes the bizarre or odd types. Videos showcasing someone else’s talents are also popular. But if you don’t have that great talent for singing or dancing or when you are simply promoting a product or business, it is best to stick to the fun and interesting type of video. If you have already created a video, it would be best to review it if it can catch viewers’ attention. Otherwise, that clip won’t be able to have much of your desired Youtube hits.

- Choose a good thumbnail. Before the video gets played, a viewer or visitor will usually decide based on the thumbnail or video image that he or she initially sees. You might have already seen some pictures that are able to tell a story. This same principle should be used in choosing an ideal video thumbnail. You should choose a particular frame in the video that would tell what the clip is all about. It should be both expressive and attention-drawing.

- Create an interesting title. Aside from the thumbnail, the other most important factor that would generate Youtube hits and that would drive viewers to your video or channel is the title. If a user searches for a video to watch, video titles will be the basis for generating search results. It is also the title that will catch the attention or interest of a visitor to eventually click and watch your video. Successful Youtube users often make use of unique, popular, or even controversial video titles just to attract as much viewers as possible.

- Take advantage of tags and keywords. The tags or the keywords you use for the video and on the description help in generating YouTube hits coming from video searches in and out of YouTube. If your video contains relevant and popular keywords, the higher are the chances for it to show in search results and receive more viewers.

- Promote your video outside YouTube. The good thing about the videos uploaded on YouTube is that they can be shared and promoted on other places on the Internet particularly on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing the video in these popular sites is also one of the proven and most effective ways of gaining more hits.

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