Downloading From YouTube

Downloading From YouTube: Since YouTube has millions of videos it can be hard to remember what you have seen, and where. Yes you can favourite something so it is possible to find it again, but with YouTube and their sometimes draconian rules for content; a great video can disappear. Even worse, a content creator can make a video, receive one or two bad comments (not difficult with the trolls out there) and delete the video for ever. Either way, sometimes it is good to have a YouTube video downloaded to your desktop or smart phone, for no other reason than when the net is down, you can still watch videos.

Here are 5 ways to download YouTube videos for your convenience:

1. Click Download: Yes, some videos have a download option right from YouTube themselves. You simply look for the downward arrow button near the bottom navigation bar of the video and click it. Usually a 10 minute video will take round 2 minus to download this way. The easiest way when downloading from YouTube.

2. Install A Toolbar: Toolbar downloaders such as Flash Video Downloader for Firefox can speed things up by downloading as a compressed MP4 file. Great quality and a time saver when downloading from YouTube.

3. Software: Programs both paid and free, like YouTubeDownloaderHD can be installed on your laptop or desktop, then opened and used when you need them. This is ideal if you don’t want a web browser based solution.

4. App For That: Iphones have a cool little app called Vdownload which allows you to store videos on your iPhone. You simply browse YouTube through the app and when the video begins to play, you simple click save and it begins storing the video in a special folder.

5. DVR: Since YouTube is now available from most cable TV providers, you can set your digital video recorder or DVR, to record anything you like. The only disadvantage is the fact that you cant take the video anywhere. For instance, if you have a video on your iPhone you can show your mates down the pub. Likewise if you have the video on your laptop, you can drop it onto a USB stick and share it around. A DVR is a static bit of kit, but otherwise its a great solution for downloading from YouTube.

Being able to download YouTube videos is a great way of keeping hold of important videos. Sharing them with people who don’t use the internet (yes they do exist), and most of all it is a great way to guard against YouTube or YouTube users randomly deleting videos they don’t wish to be around any more. I'm sure Lady Gaga wishes she had deleted some of her earlier gigs off YouTube. And I'm sure whoever saved them and keeps uploading them is glad he kept them.

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