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YouTube Widget: YouTube was founded in 2005, it seems like a mainstay of the video world and yet it's only a few years old. The main way people use YouTube is through the website, but increasingly people are using the mobile app.

However, what happens if you wish to embed YouTube on your website of blog, for instance you don’t want to take people off your website but you still want them to have access to at least a small portion of YouTube and its content. The answer is the YouTube Video Widget.

Here are five reasons you should consider using the YouTube Video Widget.

1. Providing Use: Providing your blog readers with access to YouTube from your own site encourages them to stay put instead of moving from your site to YouTube main channel. Your blog or website therefore becomes a central place for visitors rather than somewhere to bounce off as they make their way to YouTube.

2. Custom Widgets: You can get custom CSS/HTML widgets with your own branding and colours, made up for very little money through Elance and People Per Hour. This means your YouTube video widget doesn't look out of sorts among your colour scheme and branding.

3. Related Content: You can set the widget up to show related content according to your websites content. So if you are blogging about cupcakes for instance, your widget can show cupcake videos in the sidebar. You can eventually make your own videos and show them in the sidebar.

4. Widget Revolution: Widgets are big business, everyone is using them and social media widgets are the most commonly used. By using the YouTube video widget on your site you can rest assured that your blog looks the business and right up to date.

5. SEO: Bringing relevant content to your audience is a sure way to bump your search engine optimization stats. By having the YouTube video widget or any widget box widget on your site, you are improving your SEO by miles. And ultimately helping your relevant content to get back linked.

As we can see, using a widget box YouTube video widget we can help our viewers with the general experience. And by doing so we are improving our SEO over all, since people will always social bookmark relevant material. They will also be given a better viewing experience, thus adding to your readerships stats. YouTube widgets are a great way to boost your video content “on site”, for you and an you who visits you.

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